Internet Safety & Cyberbullying Prevention

For 2019 our courses will commence on Monday, July 1st and all courses must be completed by 5 pm on Friday 2nd August.  As per the DES criteria you must complete the required time on the course and your start and completion date will now appear on your Cert for your EPV days.  If you buy two or more courses you must only complete one course at a time.

Course places are limited due to DES criteria.

Internet Safety and Cyberbullying Prevention - Summer CPD

Join us this summer to learn about key facts, statistics and research in relation to the way the internet and mobile technologies are utilised by children.  Explore the benefits and potential risks associated with technology.  Examine how schools and parents/guardians can collaborate to reduce associated risks.  Further explore strategies to shield children from inappropriate content online.  Explore the theme of empathy, the role of the bystander and the importance of a positive school culture and climate.

All summer courses are approved for EPV days.

Understanding the landscape of digital citizenship & the challenges children face online

Understand why online safety for children is important. Identify resources to raise awareness about maintaining a safe online presence. Discuss key facts, statistics and research about children’s use of the internet and related technologies. Appreciate the benefits and risks associated with the internet and other technologies. Acquire practical tips to keep safe online for both professional and personal use.


Using Social Media & Search Engines Safely

Appreciate potential risks associated with the use of social media. Scaffold children’s understanding of their digital footprint. Assist children to make informed decisions about sharing information online. Confidently support children in staying safe from online dangers.

Cyberbullying and Cyberharrassment

Define cyberbullying and cyberharrassment.
Identify typical manifestations of cyberbullying and cyberharrassment. Understand the profile of potential targets Empower children and support parents/guardians by advising on best practice guidelines.


Selecting Appropriate Resources to Deliver Meaningful Learning

Select resources that will help children to acquire the skills, attitudes, knowledge and behaviours that will help them to act in a safe and responsible manner when using digital technologies. Utilise web-based resources to stimulate interest in the learning process and to support teacher productivity. Implement and raise awareness of the school’s AUP, Anti-bullying and Code of Behaviour policies.

School-wide Awareness Raising Initiatives

Understand how to raise awareness about internet safety and cyberbullying. Develop a shared understanding of key teaching points, prevention measures and how to respond to incidents which may arise. Apply a five step process to the initiative. Appreciate the areas that complement anti-bullying awareness raising measures. Harness input from the wider community


Bonus Module - Restorative Practice 

Free module on Restorative Practice with all Summer Courses
Michelle Stowe brings you an introductory module to Restorative Practice.

What people are saying


Rarely have I enjoyed a course in my professional development to such an extent. On completion of this course, I am infinitely better equipped now in approaching the essential topics of cyber safety and e-learning to assist in ensuring that our pupils get to enjoy their cyber and social media time in safety. Thank you Anokha Learning!


This course provided me with all the necessary information to raise awareness around the topic of internet safety. It was really informative, both in the content and in the discussions and I got great ideas and wonderful resources. I would recommend this course to all teachers.


A really practical course with ideas and suggestions to apply in your classroom. Online safety and behaviour when online are coming to the fore when dealing with incidents with pupils in your class and this course covers every step, from management and school self-evaluation to discuss digital footprints and acceptable behaviours. This course offers practical ideas and suggestions for you to use in your class, the forum also offers suggestions for good practice already used by other teachers.


I thought this course was extremely practical and relevant. There was no unnecessary content. I am coming away with a large bank of resources on how to teach about internet safety and cyberbullying and I am looking forward to using them in the coming year.


This was an excellent online summer course which I enjoyed taking part in. It was well structured and paced at an appropriate level both to educate the user and also facilitate completing course requirements. It was my first ever course with Anokha and I am glad that I chose them this year. Well done to all concerned.


This has been a really enjoyable and engaging course. It was facilitated extremely well and the content demonstrates how the course creator is keeping abreast of the latest developments in cyberbullying and internet safety. The delivery allows a comprehensive understanding of the content, which culminates in a framework for schools to adopt and adapt to ensure they are equipped to both deals with any issues pertaining to the above, effectively.


Although I consider myself as being computer literate, I learned so much doing this course. With the fast paced nature of technology today it is difficult to keep up to date with new apps and video games etc that are available to children. This course provided me with new insight. I would thoroughly recommend it to other teachers so they can help their pupils avoid unwanted situations online. There are so many resources and lessons that can be used with helpful links for both teachers and parents to educate them in what can be overwhelming at times.  This course made everything seem less daunting.


The course was informative and gave a huge bank of resources. The tutors were very helpful and were quick in responding when I had a question. The suggested lessons were practical and engaging. I would recommend this course. Certain topics which were discussed' never crossed my mind before. It was definitely a positive learning experience. 


I did the course on the internet safety and cyberbullying. It is such an increasingly prevalent issue and yet our SPHE books and curriculum are outdated when it comes to this topic so I was looking for some help and guidance and most importantly resources to help teach about this important area. The course did not disappoint. I feel much more confident and enabled to create and teach a good scheme of work on the topic of internet safety and cyberbullying.

Marie O’Sullivan

Course Author - Internet Safety & Cyberbullying Prevention

Marie O’Sullivan is a qualified IT trainer, primary school teacher, and counsellor.  She also has a degree in Business and Languages.  She has trained corporate and CE scheme clients on a wide range of software packages.  Marie has previously co-facilitated an IT Summer CPD course at DWEC.  She has integrated her extensive knowledge, experience, and skills into practical courses aimed at supporting teachers to prevent bullying and to empower the children in their care.  Marie is passionate about listening to children and validating their experiences.  She believes that every child has the potential to thrive and achieve when they feel psychologically safe.  Marie is an advocate of the school-wide approach and the synergy which emerges when staff, parents/guardians and children collaborate.

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