Simply, I have never enjoyed a summer course more than I have this year. The module material, lesson content, resources and links on Bullying Prevention: Friendship and Inclusion were of the highest quality. Due to the very realistic strategies and positive interventions, I feel that I am now better equipped to be more vigilant in detecting signs of bullying and how to deal with situations in a more constructive manner. I am also a huge believer in Restorative Practice and I thought that Michelle’s module was fantastic; extremely informative and practical. I will be taking a lot of what I have learned and I am excited to bring this new learning into my classroom in September

Niamh - Dublin

I really found this course beneficial for my teaching and learning. There were many useful strategies that can be applied to different classroom settings. There was a real focus on positive environment and friendships which will hopefully, in turn, reduce the bullying behaviours in the class. There are lots of strategies that can be used across the school also.
This course was different to other courses as it dealt specifically with bullying and fostering a classroom climate and atmosphere of inclusion and friendship so that bullying behaviours will reduce.

Aistear Muinteoir

Includes free module on Restorative Practice

Bullying Prevention:

Cultivating friendship and inclusion in school


All summer courses are approved for EPV days.

Teacher CPD – Overall Course Aims:

Join us this summer to discover a different approach to bullying – friendship and inclusion!  Foster your understanding about the prevalence of bullying in primary school.  Reflect on current classroom practice and inform yourself about DES guidelines on best practice in relation to preventing and intervening in relation to bullying.

Explore how to encourage a school-wide approach to bullying prevention and intervention.  Develop an insight into Restorative Practice with a view to possibly implementing this measure in your school.  Discover how to integrate drama, literacy, PE, Circle Time and ICT to promote friendship and inclusion in your classroom.  Learn to promote pro-social behaviour and to embed a respect for diversity.  Your learning will complement the SPHE curriculum and encourage reflection in relation to the school Code of behaviour, Acceptable use policy (ICT) and Anti-bullying policy.

Your summer course will inform SSE in the areas of SPHE, the school Code of Behaviour, the AUP and the school Anti-bullying policy.  Active and collaborative learning strategies will be promoted throughout the course. On a whole school level, participants will be guided to lead discussions about diversity and inclusion. The goal is to create a learning environment which is psychologically safe and to equip children to identify and widen their circle of friends.

Module Learning Outcomes:

Module 1

Introduction –Understanding bullying in primary school.

Reflecting on the school Code of Behaviour, AUP and Anti-bullying policy to inform SSE.

Resources to raise awareness about the incidence and impact of bullying for school staff and


Module 2

Prevention and intervention

Appreciating the need to explicitly teach about cyberbullying and homophobic bullying.

Exploring strategies to raise awareness about bullying.

Employing appropriate prevention and early intervention measures.

Developing insight into Restorative Practice.

Module 3

Promoting respectful relationships

Understanding how a friendly and inclusive classroom can prevent bullying behaviours.

The teacher’s role in modelling respect.

Teaching about diversity.

Practical application in the classroom.

Module 4

Embedding friendship and inclusion in the classroom.

Strategies to promote friendship and inclusion, including drama, literacy, PE, ICT and Circle Time.

Module 5

Teaching empathy and resilience, conclusion.

Drama techniques to promote empathy, friendship and inclusion.

Normalising difference and celebrating diversity.

Recapitulation and consolidation of the course material.


Marie O’Sullivan

Marie O’Sullivan

Course Author

Marie O’Sullivan is a qualified IT trainer, primary school teacher, and counsellor.  She also has a degree in Business and Languages.  She has trained corporate and CE scheme clients on a wide range of software packages.  Marie has previously co-facilitated an IT Summer CPD course at DWEC.  She has integrated her extensive knowledge, experience, and skills into practical courses aimed at supporting teachers to prevent bullying and to empower the children in their care.  Marie is passionate about listening to children and validating their experiences.  She believes that every child has the potential to thrive and achieve when they feel psychologically safe.  Marie is an advocate of the school-wide approach and the synergy which emerges when staff, parents/guardians and children collaborate.

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