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Free module on Restorative Practice

For 2019 our courses will commence on Monday, July 1st and all courses must be completed by 5 pm on Friday 2nd August.  As per the DES criteria you must complete the required time on the course and your start and completion date will now appear on your Cert for your EPV days.  If you buy two or more courses you must only complete one course at a time.

Course places are limited due to DES criteria.

Calm Bootcamp

Join our wellbeing Bootcamp with a difference this summer.

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Emotional & Mental Health Fitness

Learn how to teach about good mental and emotional health in a way that children can relate to and understand.

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Food For Thought

This nutrition course will demonstrate the consequences of food choices on concentration, behaviour and medical conditions.

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Bullying Prevention

Join us this summer to discover a different approach to bullying prevention – cultivating friendship and inclusion!

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Learn how to teach about nutrition in a way that children can relate to and understand.

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Restorative Practice - Free Module with all Summer Courses

Michelle Stowe brings you an introductory module to Restorative Practice. Restorative Practice, when dealing with conflict, moves us away from blame and frustration, and instead ignites a path towards connection, solutions and innovation. It develops our emotional intelligence, which is the most overall success factor in careers; empowering people to consciously choose their thoughts, feelings and response. Ultimately it is about connection – to the self and to others.

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