All Courses Approved for EPV Days

Free module on Restorative Practice

Calm Bootcamp

Join our wellbeing Bootcamp with a difference this summer! Build a toolbox of coping skills for the children in your care and for yourself. Explore Mindfulness, Mindful Movements, Kindfulness, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Goal Setting, Exercise and Nutrition. Fill your ‘Wellbeing Well’ and help children pour their new skills into their ‘Well’ for life.


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Internet safety and cyberbullying prevention

This course aims to furnish you with the knowledge to use social networks, apps and mobile devices safely in both personal and professional contexts. Inform yourself about guidelines on best practice in relation to cyberbullying prevention and intervention. Learn about key facts, statistics and research in relation to the way the internet and mobile technologies are utilised by children. Explore the benefits and potential risks associated with technology. Examine how schools and parents/guardians can collaborate to reduce cyberbullying and promote safer internet usage for all.


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Emotional & Mental Health Fitness for Well-being in the Classroom

Learn how to teach about good mental and emotional health in a way that children can relate to and understand. This summer cpd course combines enjoyable activities with games, music, art and videos providing you with lots of interactive tools to use in the classroom. You and the children will learn why it is important to look after emotional and mental fitness, what feelings are and what they mean, how to be assertive and confident and finally, how to cope with life’s difficulties. Mindfulness tools are built into the course and can be used very effectively both in the classroom and personally.


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Bullying Prevention: Cultivating friendship and inclusion in school

Join us this summer to discover a different approach to bullying prevention – cultivating friendship and inclusion!  As well as exploring bullying and bullying prevention, this course promotes fostering a classroom/school climate of inclusion and friendship so that bullying behaviours will reduce.  Explore how to encourage a school-wide approach to bullying prevention and intervention.  The aim of this course is to create a learning environment which is psychologically safe and to equip children to identify and widen their circle of friends.


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Eatwise for a Happy Healthy Classroom & School

Learn how to teach about nutrition in a way that children can relate to and understand. Throughout this summer cpd course, you will learn why nutrition is so important and how good nutrition enhances our lives.  You will be provided with imaginative, creative ways to promote and support nutrition and health, involving games, ICT, real world examples, real life practical recipes and tools. These tools will challenge children to reflect and think about what they eat. Allowances and awareness will be made of special needs, special dietary needs and cultural needs.


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Food for Thought – Special Food for Special Children

This nutrition course will demonstrate the consequences of food choices on concentration, behaviour and medical conditions.  You will be provided with imaginative, creative ways to promote and support nutrition and health, involving games, ICT, real world examples, real life practical recipes and tools.  These tools will challenge children to reflect and think about what they eat and how their choices affect them.  You will be encouraged look to your own health and nutrition and ideally involve the whole school in this consciousness. 


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Restorative Practice –  Free module with all summer courses

Michelle Stowe brings you an introductory module to Restorative Practice. Restorative Practice, when dealing with conflict, moves us away from blame and frustration, and instead ignites a path towards connection, solutions and innovation. It develops our emotional intelligence, which is the most overall success factor in careers; empowering people to consciously choose their thoughts, feelings and response. Ultimately it is about connection – to the self and to others.

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Key Facts about your Summer Courses

EPV Days
All Anokha Learning courses have been approved by the Department of Education for EPV days as follows:

1 course – 3 EPV days
2 courses – 4 EPV days
3 courses – 5 EPV days

Course structure
Courses consist of twenty hours of learning. Participants must complete ten hours of online learning and ten self-verified hours allowable for other learning activities. These self-verified activities can include module exercises, further online reading links, further offline reading downloads, further online video resources, discussion forum and reflective learning log. Each course is broken into five modules.

Courses are hosted in a virtual learning system that is visually attractive, easy to navigate and user friendly.

Technology required
A broadband connection is required and courses will be accessible on mobile devices as well as PC’s and laptops.
Course Duration
Courses will run from Monday 2nd July to Friday 24th August 2018. You can complete your course over the eight week period.
Compulsory Elements
Two discussion forum posts per module that demonstrate achievement of the modules stated learning outcomes. Your expert eTutor will lead the online forums in order to engage you in discussion, debate, questioning or reflection. Timely guided feedback will be provided from the eTutor to support your learning.

You will be asked to reflect on what you have learnt from the course in a reflective learning log.

You will be able to create an electronic record of your learning comprising of your quizzes and postings.

Certificate of Completion
You will be provided with a Certificate of Attendance on successful completion of a summer course.
Technical Support
Technical Support will be provided to resolve any issues throughout the duration of the course.

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