Build Your Self-Esteem & Wellbeing

Summer Course

Build Your Self-Esteem & Wellbeing

Summer Course

For 2020 our courses will commence on Wednesday, July 1st and all courses must be completed by 5 pm on Friday 31st July.  As per the DES criteria you must complete the required time on the course and your start and completion date will now appear on your Cert for your EPV days.  If you buy two or more courses you must only complete one course at a time.

Course places are limited due to DES criteria.

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Build your Self-Esteem & Wellbeing

Start your Wellbeing Journey 

Build your Self-Esteem & Wellbeing is essentially a self care course for teachers. Using the analogy of the oxygen mask - this course enables you to put on your own oxygen mask first and address your own wellbeing in order to give your best to your teaching role and personal life. The relationship we have with ourselves is a foundation for all other relationships and situations. This course has been developed using therapeutic techniques from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Psychosynthesis, Art Therapy, Mindfulness, and Choice Theory. As you navigate through each module, you will be encouraged to carry out self-reflection, in order to aid your understanding of how the theory relates to your own life. You will be taken through practical psychological interventions, steps, tools and supports to update your responses to be more helpful and build your personal self-esteem, self-acceptance, confidence and resilience. The course fosters a growth mindset approach to life, encouraging you to develop an attitude of growth and optimism, valuing yourself and challenging your limiting beliefs or patterns. The issue of body image is explored and expert therapeutic guidance is provided to develop a healthy, accepting body image. The learning gives you an opportunity to reflect on achievements and milestones and celebrate wins no matter how small as well as setting goals for the future. Resources are included to bring the learning to life in the classroom and explore self esteem building for children.

Module 1 – What is self-esteem?

What is self-esteem?

What is low self-esteem?

What causes it?

How does it affect us?

Where do I get my self-esteem?

Module 2 – Understanding core beliefs and how they hinder


Evaluating learned beliefs.

Challenging unhelpful core beliefs.

Module 3 – Building self-esteem  through our thoughts using the following methods:

Understanding unhelpful thinking styles.

Challenging our negative thoughts.

Identifying our positive attributes.

Positive rephrasing & daily affirmations.

Self-acceptance through meditation.

Module 4 – Building self-esteem and confidence through our Physicality using the following methods:

Body image.

Appreciation of our body.

Listening to our body through ‘Mindfulness’.

Posture and body language.

Practicing self-care.

Taking responsibility.

Outlets for stresses.

Understanding what the body needs.

Module 5 –  Building self-esteem through behaviour using the following methods: 

Understanding low self-esteem behaviours.

Practicing the opposite action.

Acknowledging achievements.

Building mastery.

Understanding how our environment, relationships and community affect self-esteem.

Goal setting.


Bonus Module - Restorative Practice

Free module on Restorative Practice with all Summer Courses
Michelle Stowe brings you an introductory module to Restorative Practice.
More Info

Vivianne Maloney_Course Author_Anokha Learning
Course Author

Vivianne Maloney

Vivianne Maloney is a qualified Counsellor and Psychotherapist holding a National Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy and is an accredited member of the Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP).


Vivianne’s approach to Counselling is integrative, calling on both her creativity and her therapeutic skills. These skills include Person-Centred Approach, Gestalt, Cognitive Behavioural Techniques, Loss and Bereavement Counselling, Psychodynamic Perspectives, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Advanced Counselling Skills and Psychosynthesis. Having a previous background in Art & Fashion Design, she also has a great interest in Art Therapy and has attended workshops in this field. Vivianne offers Counselling in private practice and for The Family Centre, in Castlebar, Co Mayo. 

Onsite Courses

Vivianne holds a Level 6 Certificate in Training and is a Certified Associate in Project Management with the Project Management Institute.

Vivianne facilitates her own training programmes as follows: ‘Build Your Self Esteem’, ‘The Art of Appreciation’, ‘Effective Communication’ and ‘How Food Affects Your Mood’. All courses have run in various Family Resource Centres, Cancer Support Centres, Women’s groups etc. and are now available consistently in the Family Centre, Castlebar, Co Mayo.  Vivianne also co-facilitates a ‘Discover your Interests’ programme under the Flourish Project which tackles social isolation.

Vivianne is the contract trainer in the West for Aware – the National Organisation for Depression and Bi-Polar. In this capacity she delivers ‘The Life Skills Programme’ and ‘The Relative’s Programme’ throughout the region. These courses are designed to support those experiencing Depression, Bi-Polar, Stress or Anxiety; either personally or in their relationships.

Vivianne’s approach as a trainer & facilitator is a person-centred approach, in which she calls on her therapeutic & communication skills to value each individual to aid their growth and learning. All of her courses incorporate learning opportunities from different modalities to facilitate the different learning styles and personality types.

Online Courses

Vivianne has collated her experience and expertise to deliver her first online course in collaboration with Anokha Learning – ‘Build Your Self-Esteem’.

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