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Emotional & Mental Health Fitness EPV Approved Summer Course for Teachers

Written by Jannah Walshe, an experienced and practicing psychotherapist for adults and children, this course might be just what you need this summer to refill your cup. The course provides participants with an understanding of mental health and mental health fitness. The course incorporates self care and resilience for adults and for children.

The course provides essential knowledge and tools in the areas of communication, anger management, emotional regulation, stress management, support networks, mindfulness and coping skills. Participants will learn to integrate art, drama, literacy, PE, music circle time and digital technology to nurture emotional and mental health fitness.

A Teachers Insight

We would rather you hear about this course from your peers! "Understanding feelings, being emotionally aware and the importance of communication are the learning outcomes of this course which, for me, are the most meaningful. This course has provided a wealth of information on the topic of mental health fitness. Throughout the course I was prompted to actively question my own thoughts on emotional & mental health fitness and impelled me to reflect on how I facilitate good mental health fitness in my classroom. The beauty of this course was the seamless way one module led into the next. It was very gratifying to partake in a course that consistently married the theory of the concepts discussed with practical examples of how these could be identified, strengthened and supported in everyday life." Karen's Course Reflection.

Mental Health Fitness Course

Course Structure

20 hours of learning. Participants must complete 10 hours of online learning and 10 self-verified hours (module exercises, resources, discussion forum and reflective learning log). Technical Support provided.

Compulsory elements - 2 discussion forum posts per module, Reflective Learning assignment, creation of personal learning record. You must complete the required time on the course before a certificate can be issued.




Certification/EPV Days

All Anokha Learning Summer Courses for Teachers have been approved by the Department of Education & Skills for EPV Certification. Start and completion dates printed on your Cert.

EPV days awarded as follows:

1 course – 3 EPV days, 2 courses – 4 EPV days , 3 courses – 5 EPV days

If you buy two or more courses you must only complete one course at a time.



For 2022 our courses will commence on Monday 4th July and all courses must be completed by 5 pm on Friday 15th July. If you buy two or more courses you must only complete one course at a time. As per the DES criteria you must complete the required time on the course and your start and completion dates will be printed on your Cert for your EPV days.

"By far the best summer course I have completed. It was so engaging and so relevant to what we are facing as teachers with young children inside the classroom. Mental health is something that children should learn to look after from an early age. I am confident that this course has equipped me with the skills to open up a discussion with my class about looking after their mental health. I would highly recommend this to all teachers." Anna

"This course was very informative, concise with a tutor who was enjoyable to listen to. It offered a huge range of resources and ideas that are ideal for any classroom setting. I enjoyed the course and I didn't find it too overpowering and or text heavy for a weary teacher at this time of the year. I would highly recommend Anokha Learning for its CPD Summer Courses." Caitrin

"I would highly recommend the course on Emotional and Mental Health Fitness. In a rapidly changing challenging world it is important now more than ever that we equip children to deal with difficult emotions whilst also taking care of our own well-being. The course provided a wealth of resources including a Coronavirus Resilience Resource Book." Deirdre

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It's the first online course I have done and I thought I would find it difficult to stay engaged with it. But I engaged with it totally, finding it very practical and useful both for myself personally and for the classroom. I would strongly recommend this course as an introduction to the whole area of Mental Health fitness." Marie

"This course has refreshed my belief in investing in our emotional and mental fitness. We need to believe in our own abilities as individuals to model appropriate coping techniques for the children in our lives. The resources and information provided in this course facilitate educators of the future." Jayne

"I would highly recommend this course as it is very enjoyable to do and so relevant in the current climate. The lessons are very well planned out and so not overloaded with technical jargon." Marjorie

"Third year in a row doing an Anokha Summer Course and once again can say it was a relevant and worthwhile course. Well structured and thought out." Julianne

Course Modules

Emotional & Mental Health Fitness

What is Emotional and Mental Health Fitness? Why is it important? Why start at a young age? Importance and relevance of a teacher’s role in good mental health development. Building resilience. Differences for boys and girls. Identify the qualities of a mentally fit person.

Coping Skills

Coping skills. Positive and negative self-talk. Using creativity to manage and express emotions. Physical fitness to help mental fitness. How to cope well with teasing and bullying. Strategies to cope with cyberbullying. Support networks. Building a personal toolbox – music, writing, art, friends, family, games, etc.


Introduction to feelings. Building knowledge of the range of emotions & how they interact. Mental well-being versus mental problems or issues. Learn why it is important to be able to name feelings. Stress: How to recognise it, its effect on us and how to deal with it.


Why mindfulness? Introduction to its benefits and relevance to everyday life. Learn mindfulness skills to teach and use in the classroom. Accumulating positive experiences in the long term. Knowing when to get help and where to go. Recap and conclude.


Good clear communication. Understanding passive, aggressive and assertive communication styles. Learning good communication skills. Challenges to being assertive. Managing anger (personally and in the classroom). Learn how to stay calm.

About Jannah Walshe

Jannah is a fully trained and qualified psychotherapist.

Janna’s primary degree is in psychology from Middlesex University in London. She then made the move into counselling, completing a graduate certificate course in person-centred counselling from Thames Valley University in London. Shortly after making the move back to Ireland she completed a postgraduate course in psychotherapy in The Tivoli Institute. She is an accredited member of the Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. Jannah is a practicing psychotherapist. She also writes for various publications and runs courses and workshops.

Course Author

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