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Emotional & Mental Health Fitness for Well-being in the Classroom - Summer CPD

Learn how to teach about good mental and emotional health in a way that children can relate to and understand. You and the children will learn why it is important to look after emotional and mental fitness, what feelings are and what they mean how to be assertive and confident and finally, how to cope with life’s difficulties. Mindfulness tools are built into the course and can be used very effectively both in the classroom and personally. This CPD course combines enjoyable activities with games, music, art and videos providing you with lots of interactive tools to use in the classroom.

A teacher’s needs and well-being are paramount to the quality of teaching in the classroom. If the teacher can learn strategies to improve personal emotional and mental health fitness and implement the additional strategies for children, improved teaching and learning will be experienced by all.  The goal of a mentally fit classroom can be achieved if children have a better awareness of mental well-being and are given skills to improve resilience, moderate feelings, increase assertiveness, confidence and practice mindfulness. The course aims to achieve this goal and in turn, lead to better quality teaching and learning.

Join us this summer and let’s start to lay some foundations of well-being in our schools.

All summer courses are approved for EPV days.

What is Emotional & Mental Health Fitness?

Why is it important? Why start at a young age?

Importance and relevance of the teacher’s role in good mental health development.
Building resilience.

The difference for boys and girls.

Identify the qualities of a mentally fit person.

Practical application in the classroom.


Introduction to Feelings

Building knowledge of a range of emotions & how they interact.

Mental well-being versus mental problems or issues.

Learn why it is important to be able to name feelings.

Stress: How to recognise it, its effect on us and how to deal with it.


Good clear communication.

Understanding passive, aggressive and assertive communication styles.

Learning good communication skills.

Challenges to being assertive.

Managing anger (personally and in the classroom). Learn how to stay calm.


Coping Skills

Positive and negative self-talk.

Using creativity to manage and express emotions.

Physical fitness to help mental fitness.

How to cope well with teasing and bullying.

Strategies to cope with cyber bullying.

Support networks.

Building a personal toolbox – music, writing, art, friends, family, games, etc.

Mindfulness & Conclusion

Why mindfulness? Introduction to its benefits and relevance to life.

Learn mindfulness skills to teach and use in the classroom.

Accumulating positive experiences in the long term.

Knowing when to get help and where to go.

Recap and conclude.


Bonus Module - Restorative Practice

A free module on Restorative Practice with all Summer Courses.

Michelle Stowe brings you an introductory module to Restorative Practice.

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What people are saying


I highly recommend the courses designed and delivered by Anokha learning. The courses are clearly structured and offer excellent practical ideas to implement in the classroom. I am delighted with the knowledge I have gained and I will be definitely be implementing the ideas in the classroom in September. Thank you all for the excellent ideas.


I would highly recommend this course. Emotional and Mental Health is a foundation that children need to build on to lead a full and happy life. Sometimes we are so caught up with the strands and content objectives of the curriculum  that we can forget about the basics. This course helps you to provide opportunities for the children to develop good emotional and Mental Health.


The Mental Health Fitness course has been one of the most enjoyable and useful courses I have completed. It recognises and addresses the importance of mental health for both children and educators alike. The course provides teachers with a wealth of extra reading material and resources to help make our classrooms a safe place for children to encounter a wide range of emotions and practice strategies for dealing with the emotions that life throws up on a daily basis.


This course on Mental Health Fitness has been one of the most informative CPD courses which I have completed to date. The content and resources are fantastic and the forum provides great opportunities for discussion and the sharing of ideas. As an NQT, this course has provided me with a well-rounded introduction to Mental Health Fitness and has helped to further develop my interest in this area.


Emotional and Mental Health Fitness for Well Being in the classroom is something that should be practiced on a daily basis in every classroom.  Having completed this course, you are guaranteed to acquire many useful strategies/techniques to promote positive well being in terms of coping mechanisms in both your own personal life and the lives of the pupils too.  I'd definitely recommend this course to everyone - informative, interactive, easy to follow and very enjoyable!


I really enjoyed this course and found it very interesting and helpful both personally and professionally. I started implementing ideas from it straight away with my kids at home! It was really well laid out and very easy to navigate. There was a very helpful section at the start showing how to create a learning log so I can refer back to what I have learned. Overall it was the best online course I have ever done and by far exceeded my expectations. Thank Anokha Learning!


I found the course “Mental Health Fitness” absolutely excellent. Mental health is something that we should all be addressing at an early age so that children will learn to deal with their feeling and know how to go about solving conflicts they will meet in life


This was a wonderful course. The facilitator was lovely to listen to and she provided many useful examples that I can bring back to my classroom and school. It gave me a good understanding of Mental Health Fitness particularly in relation to helping myself and my pupils to become mentally fitter. She helped me understand the importance of self-awareness and positive self-talk and she explored possible coping skills and mindfulness. I really enjoyed the course and found it very easy to access.


This has been a fantastic course both personally and professionally. The course content was relevant and informative and very relatable!  I feel better equipped to develop not only my own emotional and mental fitness but that of the children in my class. I can’t wait to implement the wonderful activities in my classroom in September. Thank you for this course, I would highly recommend it!

Course Author

Jannah Walshe

Course Author - Emotional & Mental Health Fitness

Jannah is a fully trained and qualified psychotherapist.

Janna’s primary degree is in psychology from Middlesex University in London. She then made the move into counselling, completing a graduate certificate course in person-centred counselling from Thames Valley University in London. Shortly after making the move back to Ireland she completed a postgraduate course in psychotherapy in The Tivoli Institute. She is an accredited member of the Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. Jannah is a practicing psychotherapist. She also writes for various publications and runs courses and workshops .

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