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Eatwise for a Happy Healthy Classroom & School - Summer CPD Course

Learn how to teach about nutrition in a way that children can relate to and understand. Throughout this summer cpd course, you will learn why nutrition is so important and how good nutrition enhances our lives. You will be provided with imaginative, creative ways to promote and support nutrition and health, involving games, ICT, real world examples, real life practical recipes and tools. These tools will challenge children to reflect and think about what they eat. Allowances and awareness will be made of special needs, special dietary needs and cultural needs. You will be encouraged to look towards your own health and nutrition and ideally involve the whole school in this consciousness.

Good nutrition is the foundation to well-being in the classroom and school, join us this summer and start building that foundation.

All summer cpd courses are approved for EPV days.

Module 1

Understand the main food groups needed for optimal child growth and development.

Practical guides for individual portion control.

Understanding of a balanced diet that incorporates variety and the effect of hydration on well-being and behaviour.

Examples of good hydration methods to apply to the classroom.

Demonstrate a simple healthy meal plate.


Module 2

Know the difference between products and produce.

Why the 5 a day rule applies.

Explore the eat a rainbow concept.

Understand and demonstrate food pyramids and what should be on a balanced plate of food.

Learn to efficiently read and interpret a food label and bring this skill to a child’s level.

Module 3 

Identify the main conditions that children are diagnosed with and how they relate to learning abilities.

Identify the effects of particular foods.

Knowledge and understanding of special diets.

Understanding and identification of inflammatory foods and their attributes.

Good mood food, how food relates to energy and concentration and how to make healthy food swaps.

Learn about mindful eating and how to bring it to the classroom.


Module 4

Identify what influences food choices.

Nutritionally assess food choices found in the classroom in an inclusive and supportive way.

Understanding of branding terminology e.g. low fat, sugar-free.

Debunking myths about healthy eating.

Demonstration of affordable healthy food options, simple recipes, tasty food.

Module 5 

Teach a range of ways to involve the class in their food choices.

Simple games to demonstrate a healthy food plate/lunchbox.

Practical, interactive methods to understand food groups.

Ways children can work in groups to make healthy choices.

Guide to assess the individual needs of a class and involve children that might have an issue with food.


Bonus Module - Restorative Practice 

A free module on Restorative Practice with all Summer Courses.

Michelle Stowe brings you an introductory module to Restorative Practice.

What people are saying


The Eatwise course was extremely beneficial. It has provided me as a teacher with so many tools to educate children on the importance of healthy eating and food choices and of the benefits involved as a result. The resources that accompany the course are excellent and I will certainly be using all that I have learned and will be implementing it in my classroom and school in the coming year. Super course, I enjoyed it thoroughly!


I loved how practical the course was. There were lots of practical ideas of how to integrate healthy eating and nutrition into all aspects of the curriculum in a fun and engaging way. The course tutor was very easy to listen to. It was definitely one of the most engaging online courses I have completed.


Couldn't praise this course enough. Easy to follow, interactive, engaging, great ideas and very useful information to take back to the classroom. Really enjoyed this online course. Well done to all involved!


The course I completed was the Eatwise course. I found this course to be very useful and the content was very relevant to modern diets, habits and behaviours. I found the course easily accessible and the content was very well presented.


Some great insights and resources for primary school teachers to more effectively communicate the keys of healthy food choices at home and at school.


I found this course extremely interesting and knowledgeable. It actually was an eye-opener as not all of us teachers are up to date about types of food, food that creates good and bad moods and conditions in children that food can have an irritating effect on. I would highly recommend this course to all my colleagues and would honestly say that doing the course a second time which I plan to do next year will help me stay focused on correct and beneficial food.


Having a senior class means I am teaching young adolescents who are of an extremely impressionable age. I wanted to know how to approach teaching the topic of healthy eating in an appropriate and relevant way. This course has given me a structure of how to go about this task. It has also supplied me with many interactive and engaging resources to help me achieve this.


This course was excellent. It was enjoyable on both a personal and professional level. We should all be more educated on the power our diet and nutrition has on us and how we live our lives day to day. I gained a greater insight into the finer details of the effects good nutrition has on our bodies and how we feel. I look forward to passing on this information to my children in September.


The Anokha Learning Eatwise course ticked all the boxes for me. Its online flexibility allowed me to do it around family life. The course itself was easy to navigate on-screen. The content was relevant and at an appropriate level and is very adaptable into both the classroom and home. There was a good mix of resources to appeal to all learners from eBooks, audio, videos, charts, etc.

Carina Course Author

Carina Kennedy

Course Author - Eatwise

Carina is a naturopath, herbalist, nutritional therapist, iridologist, reflexologist, reiki practitioner and qualified nurse. Having experienced health problems herself, Carina’s goal is to show as many people as is possible that they can take control of their health and nutrition with a little guidance. Carina runs a holistic clinic in Mayo. She also holds workshops and is currently writing a series of books on nutrition for children.

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