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Our Internet Safety Summer Course features a funny book #Goldilocks that looks at oversharing online based on the story of Goldilocks.  Thanks to one of our lovely participants for sharing with us – Vodafone UK are offering it as a free download for the first 10,000 people.

“New research suggests children are using social media before parents have spoken to them about how to use it responsibly, with 48% being exposed to it by age seven To help parents have these important conversations with their children at a younger age, Vodafone UK and Andersen Press have teamed up with award-winning author Jeanne Willis and illustrator Tony Ross to produce a co-branded digital edition of #Goldilocks. The book is a modern twist on the classic fairy tale and offers a fun and accessible way for parents to discuss responsible social media use with their younger children.

Grab it while you can…. Click here


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