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Free Download: Inspirational Bookmarks

We created free downloadable Inspirational bookmarks featuring quotes from children's books to tap into the magic of childhood and to promote a feeling of hope and optimism. There are 28 different bookmarks, so you can choose your favourite (featuring characters such...

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Reflections on Bereavement

  We are delighted to share this guest blog from Anne Marie Tymlin.   Allow the Bereaved to Grieve I have been fascinated by the subject of death all my life. This may be in no small part because death accompanied me through my childhood and beyond. As a...

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How to Create an Emotional Toolkit

  A note from Marie: When I first wrote this post it was aimed at helping children. With the way the year has been going, I firmly believe that an emotional toolkit is something that any of us could benefit from! In 2020 our collective resilience has truly been...

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Laughter For Health and Happiness

We are delighted to share this guest post from Michelle Major, Founder and Creative Director, The Sunshine Project.       They say laughter is the best medicine and I know this to be true. I discovered Laughter Yoga in 2008 when I was going through a...

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