How to Foster Mentally Healthy Schools

We are delighted to share this guest blog from Catherine Lynch of Planbee.com.   What is good mental health and what does good mental health in schools look like? The World Health Organisation defines mental health as: “a state of well-being in which every individual realises his or her own potential, can cope with the normal […]

10 Bullying Prevention Resources You Need To Know About

This year, more than ever, we have learned to value the importance of friendship and connection. We have gained a huge insight into what it feels like to be isolated from others. Sadly, some members of our school communities have been targets of bullying behaviour and are all too aware of what it feels like […]

Free Download: Inspirational Bookmarks

We created free downloadable Inspirational bookmarks featuring quotes from children’s books to tap into the magic of childhood and to promote a feeling of hope and optimism. There are 28 different bookmarks, so you can choose your favourite (featuring characters such as Mary Poppins, Snow White, Cinderella, Winnie the Pooh, etc)! Print and laminate the bookmarks […]

Spotlight Series: Guest Post from ISPCC Childline

We are delighted to bring you this Guest Post from Louise Lunney on behalf of ISPCC Childline:   Many of you may have already heard about ISPCC Childline but may be unsure how to access our services. We hope this post provides clarity on the services provided by ISPCC Childline and information on how you […]

Reflections on Bereavement

  We are delighted to share this guest blog from Anne Marie Tymlin.   Allow the Bereaved to Grieve I have been fascinated by the subject of death all my life. This may be in no small part because death accompanied me through my childhood and beyond. As a society, we Irish people tend to […]

How To Support Bereaved Children In The School Community

    We are delighted to share this guest blog from Anne Marie Tymlin.     Confronting our own Grief Each one of us will be faced with bereavement many times in our lifetime. If this bereavement is very personal to us, we will have to bear it with courage and if we are blessed […]
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