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Internet Safety – Free Book Download

  Our Internet Safety Summer Course features a funny book #Goldilocks that looks at oversharing online based on the story of Goldilocks.  Thanks to one of our lovely participants for sharing with us - Vodafone UK are offering it as a free download for the first 10,000...

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Carina’s flu remedy

Carina's flu remedy Carina's flu remedy from @It's a Natural Choice Flu Busting Juice...... It's that time of year - thanks to our favourite nutritional therapist Carina for this natural juice remedy - just add Netflix! 3 limes 5 carrots 4 apples 3 inches of ginger a...

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Self Esteem – You owe it to yourself?

Our self-esteem relates to how we see and value ourselves. No matter what we do in life, who we meet and what situations arise, we must evaluate what we have encountered with our own inner mechanism of interpretation. If our relationship with ourselves is...

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Your Self-Esteem Selfie!!!

Take your Self-Esteem Selfie! Do you often feel that you are not quite “good enough” at what you do? Are you very self-critical, always finding fault in what you think, say or do? Are you the ‘YES’ person, always quick to go along with others and fulfil...

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