Spotlight Series: Guest Post From Jigsaw

We are delighted to bring you this Guest Post from Jen Trzeciak, eMental Health Clinical Manager at Jigsaw:



What is Jigsaw?

Jigsaw aims to make sure that the mental health of every young person in Ireland is valued and supported. We do this by providing support directly to young people between the ages of 12 and 25, as well as support for parents, teachers and those working with young people.

Support for young people

Jigsaw has a range of options available to help young people (age 12-25) cope with the mental health challenges they face. These can include things like anxiety, stress, low mood and sleep issues.

  • Our online mental health support includes expert information, practical advice, workshops and online courses created by our Jigsaw clinicians and youth volunteers at jigsaw.ie.
  • Young people can access in the moment text based support through Jigsaw Live Chat. They will be able to connect directly and access therapeutic support from a member of the Jigsaw team through their mobile or computer.
  • We offer free therapeutic support in 12 hubs across the country. Through a series of sessions with a Jigsaw clinician, young people are encouraged to identify goals that are relevant to their lives. They are then supported in working towards these goals through problem solving, learning new skills and connecting with other services that might be able to help. Find out if there is a Jigsaw Service in your area.

All of the support provided by Jigsaw is free and confidential. A referral is not required, and a young person or parent can contact Jigsaw directly to request support.

Support for parents

We know that parents and guardians are constantly looking for ways to support the mental health of the young people in their lives. Jigsaw.ie offers online workshops, webinars and information for parents to help them support young people’s mental health.

Parents can also email help@jigsaw.ie or freephone 1800 544 729 to get advice from a Jigsaw clinician.

Support for teachers

Teachers play a vital role in supporting the mental health of their students. Jigsaw has created a range of online resources to assist schools in supporting the mental health of students and school staff. These include online workshops, webinars, information and lesson plans.

Jen Trzeciak, eMental Health Clinical Manager Jigsaw


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