Spotlight Series: Guest Post From Suicide or Survive

Many thanks to Robert Carley, Deputy CEO of Suicide or Survive for the following post:

So imagine a world where people openly engage in conversation about mental health.
Imagine a world where the attention and daily care we give to mental health was on an
equal footing with the daily routines we practise for dental health. Imagine if the topic of
mental health and wellness was so destigmatised that people spoke openly about their life
struggles and felt inclined to display help seeking behaviour. Imagine a world where because
of this help seeking behaviour the number of folk who choose to die by suicide is greatly
reduced. That’s the world that Suicide Or Survive imagine and it’s that world that we work
towards on a daily basis.

Since its founding over two decades ago SOS has sought to put the service user at the
centre of the conversation and has endeavoured to put tips, tools and techniques for
wellness into the hands of people so that they can take ownership and control over their
own wellness journey. We believe that mental health is messy and needs to be addressed
by expertise but also that the expertise offered should be marinated in experience.

Our range of programmes are delivered with passion and compassion. We believe that we
have something for everyone no matter where you find yourself on the wellness continuum.
Ranging from our Eden Programme for people struggling with suicidal ideation, through our
WRAP programme for people who want to establish a daily wellness regime, through our
Wellness Programme that allows us to address our mental health before we are prompted
to do so through a crisis to our Supporters Programme that seeks to assist those who find
themselves as the principal go to person for someone who is experiencing emotional

Over the past months more than 2500 people have benefited from our on line personal
development and growth sessions . We have been delivering these webinars in response to
the surge in people feeling symptoms of anxiety and depression due in no small part to the
current covid 19 pandemic.

It is our vision that we would deliver all our services with an attitude of genuineness,
understanding, respect and acceptance. We are fully subscribed to the ‘Sharing the Vision –
a Mental Health Policy for Everyone which is the government’s mental health strategy for
the next ten years. We are funded through the National Office For Suicide Prevention and
through the incredible efforts of fundraisers and donors.

Check out our programmes on www.suicideorsurvive.ie
Check out our daily webinars on www.suicideorsurvive.ie/sos-webinars
Check out the mental health services available in your area on www.yourmentalhealth.ie

Robert Carley, Deputy CEO Suicide or Survive.

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