Your Self-Esteem Selfie!!!

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Take your Self-Esteem Selfie! Do you See Yourself?

Do you often feel that you are not quite “good enough” at what you do?

Are you very self-critical, always finding fault in what you think, say or do?

Are you the ‘YES’ person, always quick to go along with others and fulfil their needs rather than check your own needs?

Do you hold yourself back from situations, people and achievements because of fear of not measuring up?

Do you give up completely when you hit a roadblock? Do you lack resilience and feel defeated in the face of adversity?

Are you constantly seeking instant perfection in yourself and others?

Do you try to hide any weaknesses and think of them as flaws or failings rather than the natural part of being human?

Do you feel inferior to others?  Do you compare yourself to other people, monitoring their lives, relationships, assets, progress, skills etc. without understanding your own path and progress as your unique individual experience?

Do you have a low opinion of yourself?  Do you feel self-conscious and constantly wonder how you are being perceived by others, rather than assessing and evaluating your own contribution?

Do you feel you are not worthy of contentment, satisfaction, love or success?

Do you lack boundaries in relationships, pleasing the other person rather than evaluating and discerning what is OK for you?

Are you the compulsive caregiver?  Do you get over-involved in the lives of others with little regard for the impact it has on your health, wellbeing and life choices?

Are you filled with self-doubt? Do you feel very indecisive; fearing the choices you make may not be the ‘right’ choices and perhaps have negative consequences?

Are you your own worst critic? Is your internal dialogue fearful, shaming, angry, negative and critical? Do you have a harsh relationship with yourself?

Do you feel a victim of life? Do you sit in a place of self-pity and helplessness, awaiting a saviour or a knight in shining armour to rescue you?

Do you bully or criticize others? Do you look for the flaws in every situation rather than seeking out the positives?

Do you try to control situations and other people’s behaviour using manipulation and criticism?

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