How can I help a child or teenager with Anxiety?

Struggling to Cope with Child or Teenage Anxiety?

Scared Kids Helping Children Cope with Anxiety is an online course written and presented by David Coleman, the well known Irish Clinical Psychologist. David collaborated with Anokha Learning to develop this course on the Anokha Learning Platform. We all hope that completing this course makes a big difference to the lives of children and teenagers and lets not forget the adults making an impact!

This course is for anybody who either lives with children, cares for children or works with children. The main aim is that the person doing this course comes away with great confidence, a set of skills, techniques and ideas they can use to help children with anxiety, as well as addressing any personal adult anxiety.

Course participants will deepen understanding with background information provided about anxiety as well as further exploring how the workings of the brain relate to anxiety. Lots of take away strategies are provided to enable adults to work with a child to help them process and deal with their anxiety, so it doesn't stay a problem for them in the long term.

The course consists of 8 modules that are all in video format. In Summary:

  • Freaking Out - How can I tell if a child has problematic anxiety?
  • Upstairs, Downstairs - Understanding how a child’s brain processes anxiety
  • Be Still my Racing Heart - Helping children to respond to the physical symptoms of anxiety
  • I Think Therefore I Am - How a child’s cognition's affect anxiety
  • See What I Can See - How children’s emotional understanding impacts on anxiety
  • Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway - Addressing a child’s anxious behaviour
  • I Worry Too - Resolving adult anxiety so we can help children resolve theirs
  • A Second Opinion - Knowing when a child’s anxiety might need professional help

The course also includes a free full course transcript eBook download, free audio download of breathing exercises to switch off adrenaline, free audio download of muscular relaxation to relieve physical tension, free audio download of guided visualisation to break from anxious thinking and a free adult stress management diary and guide. A Certificate of Completion is also provided so the course can also be used for professional development.

Our system is really easy to access and navigate via Mobile, PC or Tablet. We advise allowing 10 hours to do the course. Some people may spend longer on the additional strategies or stress diary. Access to the course is for 12 months so there is plenty of time to complete the content and also to reflect and revise if needed. There are no assignments to be submitted.

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