Build your Self-Esteem Online Course Review by CK Fitness

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We were delighted to have Cillian Keane from CK Fitness participate in our Build your Self Esteem Course recently.  Here’s what Cillian had to say on completing the online course.

Thank you for letting me do the course. It was great to learn more and delve into the tool and strategies to build self-esteem. To start I really liked it included links to additional support for those who need that extra support: i.e counseling. There were loads of different links that people could choose that can guide them to the best of what is needed.

I generally liked how each module was broken down, like focusing on core beliefs, how to eliminate worries, etc. I really enjoyed that it got me thinking by asking questions and filling out the worksheets. This is exactly how I learn and was very beneficial. Instead of just following the videos, it was great to be able to cement your learning with the worksheets.

I have done the wheel of life before so it was a great added too. Lovely to even see what area you can note of where you are performing well at. I liked that everything was defined i.e the definition of low self-esteem and the causes of low self-esteem and how to build your self esteem overtime.

I enjoyed drawing a timeline of events, really handy and easy to do. This is what made the course really good – none of the tasks where difficult to do and implement. I liked the part of how self-esteem has effects on our body- fight/flight/freeze etc. Another important topic that was covered was goal setting which is very pivotal in my day to day life too.

Overall, it is the first time I have done a course like this and honestly I took a lot away from it. I think this would be a really beneficial course for anyone struggling with self belief, motivation, resilience and essentially self-esteem issues who need some tools and strategies. Everything in the course was well laid out and really well explained. I enjoyed that you had to reflect on certain questions that were asked and come up with your own unique answers. It was easy to navigate and each module detailed exactly what was going to be learned. The quizzes and additional material were great too to cement more learning.  Click here for more information about our Build your Self-Esteem Online Course. 

Cillian Keane – CK Fitness

Personal Trainer & Nutrition Adviser, Mental Health Speaker and Advocate



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